Amalfi with Khewella

 Khewella swim is more than a brand, it’s a movement. I know, I know, this is such a cliche.

In this case though, very true.

What makes Khewella – a brand based in New York – unique is it’s passionate desire to

empower women in all their physical deliciousness.

The designer of Khewella – Ruken – gave me strict instructions to wear each piece a specific way.

Ruken wanted the bikini bottoms sitting low on the hips and the tops pulled tight and high.

I don’t usually wear swimwear this way, as I think wearing bikinis high cut is more ‘slimming’.

But Ruken isn’t about slimming down girls, she’s about embracing the curves of women.

She wanted the flesh of the hips shown, the curve of the tummy revealed, and the low back on display.

This made me envy Rukens confidence, and made me – though a little timid – embrace her idea.

Sometimes (most times) we wear things to cover ourselves, to hide what we think are flaws.

Why not embrace them instead? Why not make a change and start thinking of those flaws as strengths and show them off?

Let’s begin to embrace ourselves – all of ourselves. Join the movement.


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