Loyal lady, loyal label

I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to get to a stage of success where I only worked for big labels who had big budgets. For me, it’s important to continue to work with smaller brands that I resonate with in some way. Khewella is a brand I’ve worked with several times, and who I will continue to work with into the future, and it’s because of the brands creator, Ruken. Ruken believes in the beauty of a woman – her curves, her sex, her depth. And in an industry that is full of hypocrisy, Ruken’s message to “love your curves”  isn’t just a buzz word – she truly believes it. Her emails to me are always so gracious and kind, and her appreciation and understanding of the industry is refreshing. It’s wonderful, actually.


Here I am in Central America, wearing bikinis that make me feel feminine, comfortable, and free.


Shot by my love: Tom Paterson


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