Namaste, naturally

When I first stepped off the plane in Morocco, knowing we had to shoot form-fitting yoga wear from Divine Goddess, I was a little apprehensive. Knowing that the majority cast uneasy eyes on women dressing a particular way left me wondering how we were going to shoot these beautiful pieces without offending anyone.


So instead of capturing the men with their camels or charming their cobras; instead of walking through mazes of the medina, I wanted to capture what the country was, naturally.

I wanted to find quiet spots that centered on the natural beauty of an ancient land. Away from the hustle, the eyes, the everyday. Stripped back to what the country is at it’s core: ancient and unique, and to what yoga means to me – being natural, mindful, and honest.

I stood at sun down and sunrise; looking out over thousand-year old ruins, wondering who had stood here before me, and what they’d thought, who they were… And I felt good knowing I was wearing a brand that has it’s core values focussed on ethical practices and sustainable production, as well as an honest and loving approach to it’s consumers.


Here is a little about Divine Goddess 

The company is family owned and run, and has been gently growing (and now flourishing) for over ten years. With stores in Byron Bay and Bali, Divine Goddess and it’s family of over 100 staff, aim to produce quality over quantity; and honesty over a high income. It’s why pieces are limited, and the brand continues to look for ways to contribute to the sustainability of our precious planet. From this month, Divine Goddess will be completely plastic free, choosing to package orders in natural fibres instead of the one-use-plastics many brands tend to still do. I’ve said it many times before, and here it is again: Good brands deserve good things – and this is one of those brands. Namaste.