Truth, beauty, and a picture of the past

I began my blog many years ago at a time when my life was fairly stagnant. I was working in a job that wasn’t fulfilling, was with a boyfriend who wouldn’t return my calls, and living in a house with some questionable characters. I used my blog as a journal – the words ebbed and flowed through the pages and I was proud of what I’d written. But years later – in happier times – I reread the blog and was mortified it was still available for the public to see. I deleted it immediately, believing it to be far too personal.

But now – a few more years later, in even happier times – I’ve thought about those words that a much younger version of myself wrote, and I think ‘personal’ isn’t such a bad thing. Being open and unguarded is something I used to let fly, but somewhere along the line I become hard – trust, loyalty, friendship and hearts were broken – causing me to lose what my blog represented: vulnerability.

But the following stories – my true stories – may help others in some way. They could offer comfort, or consolation. They could be a helpful hand in the need for change, or an aid to understanding what the opposite side may feel. If nothing else, maybe they could help someone know they’re not alone, that things work out, that life goes on, and that our existence on this little blue planet is but a fleeting moment – and that those moments (the good and bad) are but stories of one incredible life.


Stay tuned for struggles faced, lessons learned, and stories lived. All coming soon.

Photographed by Gabi Mulder