Heart of Gold


What a day this was… As the evening light appeared from behind shadowing clouds, we felt charged with excited energy. We had all just met for the first time in a field of flowers, but instantly we felt comfortable with each other – a team who shared a passion for natural beauty and Neil Young.

There are no words that can compare to that of Neil Young. He’s a hero of mine, and his chords and poetry speak to me in a way that many are unable to do. His music leaves me breathless, and an unknown longing always creeps inside, mixed with nostalgic feelings of a time I wasn’t even a part of. He’s music makes me fall in love with the world; and ache for it as well.

Listen to the video below (Young’s “Natural Beauty”) and sift through the photos that are ‘Heart of Gold’. I hope it takes you away to a peaceful place.

The team:

Production & Floral Styling – Alice floralista.ca & Tanya ohflora.com.au

Photography – Claire www.wearewildwood.com

Hair & Makeup – Mary  www.estellesmakeup.com

Flowers grown by: www.fieldofroses.co.nz