Knowing strength via Sabaii

After last weeks US election result, I, like millions (perhaps billions) of others

mourned the unlikely shift in power that is now inevitably going to happen.

Needless to say, with Trump fury enveloping my creativity, I was lacking inspiration and motivation to

write about the following campaign. After a good few hours of extreme procrastination – sifting

through a million Obama/Biden memes, spying on neighbours who brush their teeth very enthusiastically,

staring blankly  at computer etc., I needed some direction.

I thought back to this shoot and who was involved, and what it was all about: the products are

beautifully produced by an artisan who is as easy going as she is determined. The photographer

is continuously striving to help others, to perfect her craft, and to excel in all matters

of business. The makeup artist, whilst also owning her own business, works tirelessly to

create characters that campaign producers dream up.

These are all people I admire. These are all women.

He’s shamed us. But many have. He wants to take away basic human rights for our sisters overseas; many

have done that, too. He may think he can sway a nation to agree with inequality but he is very, very wrong.

I look at the following pictures and I see strength. Strength of women – creatively and collectively.

Stick together my sisters. As one, our future is bright.

Brand: Sabaii Bohemian Apparel –

Photographer: Rachel Dobbs –

Makeup Artist: Mary Estelle –