Into the Hue

Where forest meets sand, and rock turns to dust. Where the sea spray seems to permeate

magical mist upon all it touches, linking everything to everything else.

She emerges, lost in thoughts of before but happy where she is, and where it might lead her.

Excited for all that was, is, and may be.

When I was asked to produce a campaign for Sea Dreamer the Label, I was quietly nervous of how it would turn out. Creating editorials for brands that you’ve never met, but who have complete faith in you is something I feel extremely lucky to be able to do, but there’s always a certain sense of trepidation.

My worries need not have surfaced though. Finding the right people who understood my relayed version of what was wanted turned out to be easy, and within minutes of discussion with the crew I knew this was going to be a special shoot.

This is Sea Dreamer – beautiful clothes created by Lisa and Tiarna who are bound to the beach, forever embracing endless summers.

Photographer: Laura Snelling

Hair & Makeup: Mary Estelle