Woodstock – Black Milk Clothing Campaign

To my detriment, there’s a certain sense of ‘grass is always greener’ for me. When I travel, the constant change and difference is something that inspires me to keep on experiencing and learning, but I do miss the certainty of home – I miss having a base. On the contrary, when I’m somewhere for more than a few weeks I feel stagnant and a little uneasy. I miss the unknown, the newness; the uncomfortability that I’ve always felt and am now used to.

But I feel extremely lucky when I have the opportunity to combine a bit of both – elements (or moreover, people) from a place I once called home with fresh places and perspectives. Such was the Black Milk clothing campaign.

Both Carly Brown, Luciana Briedis and Ashlea Penfold are ladies I’ve worked with before and who’ve become a constant reminder of home. After being away from Australia for so long, I was instantly at ease when I saw them. Meeting the team from Black Milk was just as good – the crew are my kind of people: slightly odd, full of stories and easily accepting.

What a thing it is, to be a part of a creative team. No matter if it’s a team focused on art, fashion, writing or media – I continually feel privileged to work with others who want to create, explore, and push the boundaries.


*To read an interview I recently had with the BM team, visit: https://blackmilkclothing.com/blogs/the-blackbook/90869955-meet-the-muses
Photographer: Carly Brown http://www.carlybrownphotography.com

Hair: Luciana Rose Briedis http://www.lucianarose.com

Makeup: Ashlea Penfold http://ashleapenfold.com/

Art Direction: Matt Janes

Creative Production: Alex Ovett