New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that – up until a few years ago –  I’d never been to before. In my blissfully ignorant

state, I felt it was too close, too easy, not strange or exotic enough to spend money on visiting.

And then, I fell deeply in love with one of its children.

My whole perspective changed. This person was full of fresh ideas and an ability to see good in everything, everyone. 

He was so different from any one I had ever met; extremely intelligent yet silly and odd. Goodness encapsulated him,

and a gentle but persistent force made me want to follow him – no matter where he went.

And so he asked me, and of course I said yes. And for the last two years and counting, I’ve been living between my old

home and new – dividing my time between the Tasman to follow both professional dreams and personal love.

But it’s not just love for him, I’ve also fallen madly for this beautiful country.

The people are welcoming and relaxed. The cities are full of creatives who have a deep desire to continually design

and create anew. The forests are hauntingly beautiful  and the beaches can be covered in black sand. The mountains

lead to cascading cliffs that push out toward the magnificent Pacific Ocean. The summers are full of  roadside fruit,

the craft beer is delicious, and the temperatures in winter are fucking freezing.

I love that I can be here – with him – in this magical place. I urge you to venture here and experience what I have. Make time

to go off the beaten track and speak with those you normally wouldn’t, camp under the stars and listen to

orcas spouting  their breath, and for the love of god, invest in a warm winter coat.


This is NZ (so far) on film.