Above – Treetops Lodge

Surrounded by 2,500 acres of land, amidst a native forest that is over 800 years old,

lies The Treetops Lodge – a luxury destination that will calm

your mind and soothe your soul.

A sanctuary within itself, the land is a nature-lovers dream. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls and hiking trails cover

the property, as do five types of deer, buffalo, horses, and more.  Guided tours or native wilderness & Maori

tradition are offered daily, as are horse treks, helicopter adventures, and an extensive spa menu that

will make you meld into your surrounds.

No phone reception  make Treetops all the more reason to unwind. We began each day slowly, sipping on coffee

and enjoying the simplicity of food, books, and each other. We adventures through the land and snuck up to spy

on buffalo, fed horses, and discovered a hidden waterfall. The evenings were a blue of pool, backgammon

and a little too much good wine (if there is such a thing), followed by a degustation dinner that left our hearts

happy, our tummies full, and our tastebuds tingling for more.

If you’re in need of some time away to disconnect from the static, and reconnect with what’s really

important; Treetops is the place for you.

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