To Japan without a Ja-Plan

We had no plan when going to Japan – as usual I had under packed and thought that my light jumper would protect me from the zero degree elements we were about to experience. But off we were – him armed with a few rolls of film and me armed with my notebook and pen – ready for what, we didn’t know.

I expected suffocating streets strewn with millions of people. I dreamt of being squeezed into trains where nobody would look me in the eye and subsequently found days later – drowned alive by human flesh and breath. I felt the bright lights, glaring billboards, and blinding screens would nauseate me and leave me bewildered.

But as it so often goes, nothing is as expected and every person, place and thing is full of surprises.

Japan is a place full of conflicting ideas. Fashion is conservative then absurd, the streets are the cleanest I’ve seen but there are no trash cans anywhere and everyone seems so-together but for fifteen bucks you can drink all you want (wine, beer, spirits) for hours.

I found truly peaceful spots, places that were subjected to the elements and felt happily forgotten. And in a few moments, I could walk but a short distance away and be in a busy walkway surrounded by thousands of smiles.

This is what makes Japan so unique and interesting, and what makes me want to explore more and go back and re-discover again and again.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a few more stories and photographs from our Japanese adventure. So hang on to your Kimonos my friends, you’re in a for a delicious sushi-tasting treat…