Into the wild she stays,

Always drifting and floating away.

 None can tame her,

None can claim her.

She’s always but a few steps away.

It was a perfect spring day when we ventured to a secret location to shoot one of my all-time favourite brands – Wrangler.

With one of the most easy-going, personable photographers I know – Rachel Dobbs – and an incredible Makeup Artist – Desiree Osterman – we brought Wrangler’s new range to life.

A small team with incredible talent, we embraced the howling wind and the falling rain and allowed the elements to direct our story. This is – Wild.

Photographer: Rachel Dobbs – http://www.swiftandclick.com/
H&MU: Desiree Osterman – http://www.makeupartistdesireeosterman.com/
Clothes: Wrangler  Australia – https://wrangler.com.au/